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From his humble beginnings as a desperate stray found struggling in the street, and with the assistance of a fabulous crew of police, veterinary staff, and friendly pet supply store employees, Mighty Mite has gone on to become a recognized celebrity. He has been seen on television, in the paper, and at Pet Fairs on the East Coast.



His ambassador efforts have helped gather nearly 1,000 support signatures for the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Association, who is fighting for stricter State laws against animal abuse.  He has done the same to raise public awareness regarding animals who are trapped in overheating vehicles.

Mighty Mite is also a Therapy Dog who visits Nursing Homes, and Children's Hospitals. And he is the star of his very own educational children’s story book, “The Dog Who Couldn’t Wag His Tail."

The book tells his true story of being neglected to the point of near death, how he got his unique name (because he was infested with so many mites!) and how he has gone forward to do Community Service. It gently teaches children they have a voice against animal abuse.



NOTE: Mighty Mite is available to visit school assemblies, Trade Shows, and other functions near the Philadelphia area.  He wows the audience with a fun cache of tricks (favorites are "High Five!" and "Bang!").  Time is usually spent discussing abuse and why it should not be tolerated. In order to promote education, we also encourage solid skills in basic pet care. Sometimes we collect signatures for legislators, speaking up against different forms of animal issues. The discussions are fun, educational, and meet the educational mission of the Animal Welfare Project. All book sale profits from the popular "The Dog Who Couldn't Wag His Tail" are donated to this organization to help offset costs.

The author, Linda Adkins, will sign each book with a personalized dedication. Mighty Mite's own golden paw mark is then stamped inside. It is a treasured remembrance not only because a book encourages reading, but because the story promotes a respect for animals and a "give back to the community" attitude in children.

Appearances costs are $300. This can be offset by the sale of at least 20 books ($15 each). All proceeds are donated to the Animal Welfare Project. To invite Mighty Mite to your function, please contact (267) 249-5762.

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