The crushing loss of open space in our area is hard to imagine, and has been quoted as “An Acre An Hour.”  A concept such as The Animal Welfare Project can actually help save our diminishing open space in a variety of ways: 

1.)  Land will be needed for training dogs, schooling horses over cross-country obstacles, riding through trail systems, and providing retirement facilities. Horses need pastures to graze in, and dogs need fields to play in. 


2.)  Hay can grow in waving meadows.  People can walk through wild flower wetlands and enjoy sweeping views of protected open space that will never be built up.


3.)  Public “Bark Parks” are going to be available for the public to bring their own dog to play off-leash. Parade grounds for different civic events are also planned, so the entire community can come out and take advantage of the concept. This ability to further serve the community, while preserving open space, is a dove-tailing concept needing further exploration.






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