Instead of being caged, living harshly on a cold cement floor, and given a few days chance of adoption before being put to death, each dog who arrives at the Animal Welfare Project will instead enter into a specific training program.  These programs are designed to create a psychologically happy and pliable animal, who enjoys obedience work and also bonds with human companions.  The main purpose of this work is so that when the dog is adopted, it will make a fabulous companion animal and fit in beautifully with its new family. 

A dog who enters the Animal Welfare Project will never leave until it is adopted.  Its’ days will include play time and socializing as well. Should the dog show a personal interest, it will be further exposed to sports such as agility and flyball competition. 

New life adventures may further await dogs who exhibit a propensity towards other disciplines.  These include community service, in such fields as Tracking (for Search and Rescue work), Service Animals (assisting the Physically Handicapped) and Therapy Dogs (for Nursing Home companions, etc.). All animals who specialize in such honorable professions will be given every opportunity to be worked with further, so that they will in turn lead a gainful life by “giving back” to their community.


A Dog's Progress

1- Evaluated by Veterinarian


2 - Bathed by a Groomer

3 - Trained by a Professional

4 - Loved by a Volunteer

5 - Ready for Adoption

6 - Service Dog

7 - Search & Rescue


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